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How to Create a Presentation by Using SlideGalaxy

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create presentations by using SlideGalaxy’s free PowerPoint templates and slides. At SlideGalaxy we offer variety of free slides and templates that you can use to create almost any kind of presentation. Choose from a selection of charts, timelines, infographic, diagrams etc.

Combining SlideGalaxy slides with our templates

If you found a nice template that offers the style and foundation to your presentation but you’d like to add more slides to it from our selection, here’s how to do it.

For template we are going to use the Annual Report template

We want to add this Timeline slide to it. To add a slide to a template, be sure to select the same aspect ratio as the template. In this case we use 16:9.

Open the slide file, right click the slide and select Copy.

Copy slide to presentation

Open the template file and select Paste -> Use Destination Theme.

Paste slide to presentation

As the slide is pasted to the template we can see it take over the blue color scheme of the template. Now we would like this slide to use the same header and footer design as the rest of the slides do. The template has slide masters and to activate any of the slide master on this slide, right click on the slide you just added -> select Layout -> Header & Footer. There you go, now your slide looks like its part of the presentation.

Select slide layout

You can bring in more slides with the same method. To save time, you can just copy and paste the slides and then do the layout change at once by selecting all the new slides. 

You can use this same method to add single slides to any of your existing presentations and not just ours.

Building a presentation using our slides only

Building a presentation with our slides is the easiest way to go. Start by downloading your slides. Open one of the slides, select Save as. This will be the template file where you’ll bring the rest of the slides, so keep this file open. Open the next slide and then -> Copy -> Paste to the template you just saved. Continue the same way until all the slides have been copied to the template.

Once you have completed the copying you can start editing your slides and add you data in.

What to do when your presentation is in different aspect ratio than our slides?

If you have already drafted a presentation that is in different aspect ratio than our slides, you would do the same as in the first step. Copy the slide and paste to the presentation. There will most likely be some tweaking to do and to stretch things to suit the new aspect ration. Easiest way to resize elements on the slide is to group every thing and then stretch. There isn’t really any shortcut to do this.

If you need help, we can build your presentation for you. Contact us for more info.


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